Freight Bill Reporting and Analytics

National Traffic Consultants (NTC) provides the reporting and analytics needed for your critical logistics decision making. Your shipping information will be available 24 X 7 via a web-based tool that requires no software implementation. Standard, ad hoc, and customized reports are available.


By consolidating and organizing your invoice information and shipping data into a single location, we provide easy to interpret dashboards and reports that you can use to accurately measure key performance indicators, view historic trends, identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and proactively reduce your transportation costs.


Additionally, we will work closely with you to develop and implement strategies to streamline your shipping operation. These strategies will include:


Reporting & Data Mining – NTC’s home page dashboard incorporates easy-to-read graphs and tables to help you monitor spend trends and payables. NTC provides data mining in the form of our Data Quest tool which allows the extraction of virtually any level of detail data. Our transportation database is configurable and provides one access point to manage and monitor your transportation spend.


WMS/TMS Integration – BOL, MBOL or PO data provides more accurate coding and costing of transportation spend down to warehouse, product group or SKU level. Files are traded daily via FTP direct to NTC.


Complete EDI Capabilities - NTC incorporates full translation capabilities for all major ANSI X.12 data sets. Data transfer between carriers, vendors, customers and NTC is fast and inexpensive. Freight bills, bills of lading, purchase orders and shipment status are among the most common data sets traded. All EDI activity is managed by NTC’s EDI team. EDI files are primarily traded via FTP direct to our secure FTP servers.