Freight Payment Services

National Traffic Consultants (NTC) ensures that the accounting associated with your freight costs are minimized. You make one payment to NTC for all of your freight expenses for your process period, we disburse funds to the appropriate carriers and provide you with accurate cost allocations that can be electronically driven into your general ledger system. We handle all payment inquiries. Carriers are paid on time, your funds are always secure and you can review every transaction from the beginning to the end of our process.

NTC employs the most effective technology available for processing, auditing and paying your carriers. These include:

Complete EDI Capabilities

National Traffic Consultants incorporates full translation capabilities for all major ANSI X.12 data sets, including the Y2K compliant sets. Data transfer between carriers, vendors, customers and NTC is fast and inexpensive. Freight bills, bills of lading, purchase orders and shipment status are among the most common data sets traded. All EDI “throughput” is managed by NTC’s EDI team, including Value Added Networks, carrier and client relationships. Data is transferred using a multitude of FTP Value Added Services and direct to our secure website using FTP.

NTC has established a very comprehensive communication array with Federal Express in Memphis to serve our customers better. All customer relationships start with the Fedex Account Executive and end with the credit and collections accurately and completely applying your payments. NTC has established “round trip” to receive, audit, service level check, duplicate check, process, pay, return electronic remittance, non-payment documentation and rectify corrections made by Fedex. The result is a well-managed, complete Fedex EDI system.

NTC Web Development

E•trace is NTC’s newest web tool for carrier payment research and offers a complete event history for every freight bill on the system. As part of our service, clients can login and access over 1 year of payment detail for status research. Freight carriers with Web access can login directly to their own payment information and query the data for all NTC clients with no time limits! And e•trace is 100% free of charge!

NTC will continue to make improvements to our Web access with: Data Mining (offering Query, Reports and Graphs), Carrier Contract Manager, Online Edit/Approval Tools and much, much more.